25th Celebration

“In One Accord . . .”
Mount Pisgah Wesleyan became an organized church back in 1994. Though 25 years isn’t a long time in the life of an average church (one just celebrated its 225th in the state of Pennsylvania) it is an amazing journey. God blessed a small core of believers who sought Him in prayer and all things . . . in one accord!


Highlights of the celebration!

October 6, 2019

DS Matt Pickering, Pastor Jeff Falke, Linda Morgan
Pastor Jeff Falke – current pastor of MPWC since 2017.
“Opening Prayer” by Rev. David Powell – assisted the Finch’s in the first year.
“Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father . . .”
“Pre-Pisgah Days” – Vice-Chair/ Lay Leader Paul Sheeley
“Assisting in the interim.” Rev. Esther Finch-She and her husband, Robert were the interim pastoral team when the church first joined the Wesleyan Denomination in 1994.
“Be Strong & Courageous” The beginnings of Mount Pisgah Wesleyan Church by Rev. Wayne Wager – former Central NY District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church
“Stones of Remembrance” by Rev. Lynn Ensign – MPWC’s first official pastor. Ensign lead the church from 1995 to 2017.
“Yet to be . . .” Dr. Matthew Pickering – Current District Superintendent of the PennYork District (formally the Central New York District)
Leatrice Braund (left) – She and her husband, Elwood, offered their garage as the church’s first meeting place for the first few years.
Original group that met in the garage, the initial meeting place on Ringler Road, Troy PA.
Rev. Lynn & Marsha Ensign, Rev. Esther Finch, Pastor Jeff & Amy Falke

Bulletin/Program of the special service.