ReVoicing – a Biblical understanding of gender identity and sexual preference.

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When: Saturday, February 26th from 10am – 2:30pm
Where: At Mount Pisgah Wesleyan Church
Cost: Free!!
Lunch is provided
Special Speaker: Michael Jordan – Dean of Chapel at Houghton College.

Michael Jordan:
Dean of Chapel, Houghton College

Speaker Bio:
Michael Jordan is the Dean of the Chapel at Houghton College, where his wife Jill is a math professor and they are raising their three girls and two boys together.  Issues of gender and sexuality became important to him in the early days of his ministry, when his previous denomination began to fracture over LGBT+ issues.  The crisis in the church drove him to deeper study and to build deeper relationships with LGBT+ people.  Through this time of learning and relational growth, he became more deeply convinced of the truth of the Biblical teaching regarding these issues.  He also became aware that churches have significant work to do to welcome LGBT+ people, enable them to grow closer to Christ, and become part of the Body. At Houghton, Mike has dealt with students from many different perspectives and backgrounds on these issues during their pivotal college years. The church also has an important role to play, because it is in church congregations that people develop steady relationships and stable patterns of life to follow Jesus.  So it’s exciting to bring these worlds together for an important conversation!

In our first session, we’ll take a deep dive into these questions, first focusing on the Biblical position.  What does the Bible really say about this?  What doesn’t it say?  How can we apply what it says to today’s difficult context?  Then, we’ll focus on what to do next. We have a clear sense of right and wrong, but how do we deal with the reality of living in a broken world?  What about people who continue to experience same-sex attraction?  What about people who claim a different gender identity?   How can we be appropriately hospitable without compromising our convictions?  There will be plenty of time for discussion around your own questions as well.

Schedule of the day:
10:00am – 11:00am: Know your Convictions to avoid Fight or Flight
11:00 – 11:30am: Coffee break
11:30pm – 12:30pm: Making Space, Speaking Truth
12:30pm -1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm – 2:30pm: Q&A

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