Jeff Falke

Jeff and his beautiful wife, Amy (center left), Caleb (back left), Jessi (far right), Drew (back right), & Seth (center right).

Though Jeff lived in Canada for 9 and a half years, he grew up and spent most of his ministry in the Central New York (now called PennYork) District of the Wesleyan Church. This is where he learned to love the church and, as a teenager, felt a call into full-time ministry.

Jeff comes with over 25 years of experience in the local church. His personal mission statement is to engage the Kingdom by helping people to better know the great love of God and to better understand who they are in Him! Then, it is out of that unbelievable knowledge where we find passion to live for Him and to serve the community He as called us to. Basically, God offers a full life and a forever life (John 3:16-17).

Jeff has pastored MPWC since 2017. His favorite past times are spending time with his family, making music, using the computer to be creative and riding his motorcycle. Jeff loves God and loves preaching His Word.

2008 Kawaski Vulcan 900 Custom; a.k.a. “Kijani” (Kee-joni . . . Swahili for green and/or swift)