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Hello Family!
As some of you know, Pastor Jeff uploaded a video to our Facebook page earlier today, giving everyone with a social media connection an update on the guidelines and excitement surrounding our first Sunday back after the coronavirus lockdown.  We are excited to announce a return to in-person worship in the church building, beginning this

Sunday, Father’s Day, June 21st.
The following is a recap of the video Pastor Jeff shared earlier, and outlines in email form the changes and tweaks made to our gatherings that seem prudent and necessary for us to once again come together for worship inside our beautiful worship center. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  As was announced earlier, Sunday School has been suspended for the summer.  We are hoping to host a kick-off for the fall in September, but until then we will not be meeting for Sunday School at 10:00am.

SNACKS AFTER SERVICE: In addition to suspending Sunday School, we are also skipping our usual fellowship time after our worship service.  Folks are invited to socialize inside and outside the building if they wish, but refreshments (coffee and snacks), will not be served, for now.

SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES: Some folks have asked what we will be doing to promote social distancing in our service.  With regards to masking, we have decided to let each individual determine for themselves and their families whether to wear masks or not wear masks.  Likewise, it will be the choice of each individual or family to sit at a distance from others during worship.  If you would like to exercise this precaution, you are invited to use coats/blankets/books or other items placed in the seat next to you and behind you, in order to put space between you and others.  Please be patient with others regarding the choices they make for themselves and their families. 

LIVE STREAMING:  Unfortunately, we still do not have the capability to live stream our service from the worship center. It is hoped that we will be able to do this as soon as next Sunday, June 28th, but for now that is not a possibility.  Please pray we can make this happen soon.

FM TRANSMITTERS:  As you know, when we were meeting in the parking lot of the church, we were using an FM radio wave to broadcast audio for our services. This option is still in play and available for anyone who would like to come to church on Sunday but are not yet ready to gather in the sanctuary.  When using this option for audio during worship, tune your car radio to 106.9 on your dial.

HELP FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED:  We recently purchased (10) radio receiver units for use in future services.  These are hand held devices that may be used by anyone struggling to hear the message or music, and would be turned to FM 106.9, as needed, to enhance the audio portion of our worship service. If you could benefit by using one of these devices, please stop by the sound booth before the service begins.  These units will work anywhere in the building.

As always, our pastor and board are working diligently to provide our church with the best possible spiritual experience in this strange time we live in, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we creatively brainstorm together solutions that will better serve our members.  If you need anything, or have any questions about changes being made, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Jeff at the church office at (570) 596-4003, anytime.
See you on Sunday!!  🙂
Blessings, Lori
Lori Hoose