Be Renewed – For Current Members

Members, are you ready to renew your membership at Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church for 2018-2019? Please take a moment to fill out this form. All numbered questions must be answered before the form can be submitted. Pastor Jeff Falke will be the only person reading your responses. Thank you in advance for your time.

A hard copy of this form is also available in the church lobby. If you have any questions, please contact that church office.

(All forms are due by May 1, 2018)

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1. Do you declare both by example and testimony that you are a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ, saved by His grace, thru faith?

2. Have you been participating in Sunday School or a Bible Study-type Life Group designed to strengthen your walk as a believer?

3. Have you endeavored to live a life that is blameless and above reproach, thereby providing a good example of the life-style and conduct required of not only a Christian, but a member of the Wesleyan Church?


4. Has your personal spiritual relationship with Christ continued to grow this past year or has it plateaued?

Share a testimony of your spiritual progress or share a concern that you might have:

5. What discipleship or devotional goals are you setting for yourself for this next year?

6. Have you had the opportunity to serve in a ministry here at Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan this past year?

If so, please describe briefly:

7. What types and of outreach events did you participate in this past year?
VBS;Softball Team;Sportsman Dinner;Arts & Crafts Show;Rummage Sale;Christmas Eve Service;Christmas Cantata;Other;

If you checked "Other" please explain below.

8. Are you committed to continuing your relationship with Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan; thru your faithful stewardship, attendance, and participation (as you are able)?

9. Are you willing to uphold the doctrines of the Wesleyan Church, its Articles of Religion and Elementary Principles as defined in The Discipline?

All this I do hereby affirm as both truthful and accurate, and I hereby reaffirm my commitment to membership here at the Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church.